The Spruce Media API is available for use by select partners who receive an API Key from the Spruce team only.  If you're interested in leveraging the Spruce Media API to quickly and easily provide scalable performance advertising on Facebook to your customers and/or within your product, please contact us.

Getting Started

  1. Contact your Spruce representative to get your own Spruce Api Key and partner_id values.
  2. If you'd like Spruce to accept API requests on your behalf from a whitelist of public IP addresses you own (optional, but recommended), send a listing of those IP address to your Spruce representative (your IT administrator can provide you this information).

API Overview

The API is implemented as a RESTful web service, with the following aspects:

Base URIProduction site URL: 

External site URL:

Sandbox site URL:
NOTE: requests sent to the Sandbox site are for testing purposes only - data sent to the site is ignored, and statistical data (if any) is completely mocked / false.
Media Type(s) JSON
Operations (HTTP Verbs) GET, PUT, POST, DELETE

Each operation behaves generally as follows - support for each operation may be dependent on the collection being referenced:

Collection URI's, i.e.:
CREATE a new entryCREATE a new entryN/A
Element URI's, i.e.:
REPLACE the entry (a wholesale replace)    CREATE a new entry within the entry (if supported)DELETE the entry

Each call made to the API will have to be signed.

All calls to the API must include all common arguments.

API Resources

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